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A huge thank you to all my sponsors that have helped and continue to help me on my equestrian journey.

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Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center

riding and Boarding facility

The SCEC facility is a lovely place that has opened their barn doors to allow me to teach, train, and house my horses and projects at the facility. Check out the facility by following the link below.

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Redmond Equine

Redmond Equine produce top quality supplements for horses. From the Redmond rock, to the daily gold there some great products available for your horses.

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Raze energy

Raze Energy by Repp Sports is a fantastic energy drink supplement that does not have all of the sugar or harmful chemicals that most energy drinks have. The flavors are fantastic, and it works really well. Raze gives a good clear energy that does not have the mid-day crash or the "energy" jitters that makes it hard to focus. Follow the link below and/or use the coupon code "Wildenergy" (omit the ""). Using the code will give you a small discount as well as giving me a small commission.
*The code works for all Repp Sport products not just Raze Energy*

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Interested in Sponsoring me or a horse?

Mustangs, Project horses, and rescue horses all require finances to train, feed, and maintain. Monetary and other types of sponsorships make this a possible reality and allow for more horses to be worked with and find their perfect, forever home.
to contact email:
for monetary sponsorships venmo: @Harmony-Horsemanship
paypal button below.
checks and items that are easily mailed can be made out to Harmony Horsemanship- contact me for address to send them to

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