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Horse Camps

Harmony Horsemanship has two camp options. One is available for the summer only, the other is available year round with times being varied for the different seasons.

Horse Camps: Welcome

Barn Days Horse Camp

students learn what it takes to own a horse.

This camp is specifically designed to teach students about horse ownership and management. Students will learn about the daily tasks and chores that go into horse ownership and management.
This camp is focused on horsemanship and management, as well as the fundamentals of proper riding.

*Summer Camp hours:
M, T, Th, F: 9am-2pm
W: 10am-3pm

June-August 18

*After School Hours:
M-F: 3pm-6pm

Summer Price:
Daily drop off: $80/day
Weekly: $350/wk

Monthly: $1400 (based on a 4 week cycle)

After School price:

Daily drop off: $60/day

Weekly: $275

Monthly: $1100 (based on a 4 week cycle)

**Winter hours:

W, Th, F

Daily drop off only

*Note times and schedule subject to change, accommodation will be made as possible.

**Winter availability to acceptable weather and safe driving conditions.

Limited spots available

Horse Camps: Text

Project Horse Camp

A bit more advanced than your traditional horse camp

The project horse camp is available for anyone looking into how to train a horse. Work side-by-side with Bec on training a project horse, learning all the ins and outs of training and what goes into producing a great riding companion.

Summer availability only at this time



*no daily option*

Weekly: $800/wk

Monthly: $3,000/mo (based on a 4 week cycle)

Horse Camps: Text
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