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Lesson Services

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Private Lessons

Want one-on-one attention to get the most possible out of your lesson? Private lessons are the best option where you and your horse or one of our lesson horses have the soul attention of the instructor. Learn the mechanics of riding to better connect to your dancing partner.
Private lessons are $70/hr
discount available for prepaying for multiple

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Semi-Private Lesson

Semi-Private lessons are a great way for a couple of friends, family members or S/Os or others to learn to ride together at the same time. On School horses or your own we can train for English, Western and others.
$60/hr/per-person (max 2 per session)

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Group Lessons

Want to ride with others or have your child ride with others and meet people with the same interests? Group lessons are a great way to introduce yourself or family member to others with similar interests all the while learning the ins and outs of riding.
$55/hr per rider

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Trailer-ins and Travel Lessons

Trailering in to have a lesson on your own horse(s) is available.
Or I can come to you, (subject to availability and location) for a lesson at your place.

Trailer-in Lesson/training session $85/hr this includes the trailer-in fee to the facility

Travel to you: Base price $65/hour+ travel and gas

(The further away you are the more expensive it is)

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For more information about the lesson programs or to schedule a lessons contact me today!

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