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For Sale or Lease

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For ground-work/handling lease only

River is an 8 year old Thoroughbred mare. She is currently being trained for Dressage, Liberty, and trail riding. Due to her being in foal, River is no longer available for a riding lease. Onsite only lease, located in Gardnerville NV. Ground/ horsemanship skill practice lease is available up to 5 days a week.
2x week: $185
3x week: $250
4x week: $325
5x week: $375
Lessons in ground work/horsemanship skills available at additional charge.
River can be worked with on Liberty, ground driving, tricks, and more.

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Half lease

Legacy is a 3.5 year old Grey mustang mare from Buffalo Hills HMA.
She was Rebecca's pick for the 2021 Las Vegas TIP challenge where did very well.

Legacy is training in mainly Dressage as well as some western and goes out on trails.

Due to her young age and thus still learning, I will require that the leasor either

A) Has experience with riding/working young horses with proper development.


B) They take at least 1 lesson weekly (additional charge) with me.

Available on-site and part-time lease only. Up-to 3 days a week of riding


3x/week with weekly lesson: $525/mo

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Older Dutch warmblood gelding

Parelli is a Dutch warmblood gelding around 25 years old. He was a great Dressage horse in his younger days and  now spends most of his time hanging out and going on trail rides which he absolutely loves. Parelli loves going along for rides, cantering in the sand and LOVES to spalsh in water.
Don't let his age fool you, Parelli can still has plenty of ago and due to this needs a confident rider.
Half lease (up-to 3x a week riding): $375/mo
Full lease (riding 5x a week): $550/mo
Due to previous leasor not caring for him properly during his leased time he will only be available on-site for the first few months, with consideration being given to off-site, (but only somewhere I can easily checkin on him)
Located in Carson City, NV

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Sold or Leased

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For adoption

Ginger has found her forever home!

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Double Shot of Mischief

2021 Socal TIP Mustang Mare

At the end of January 2021 I will be picking up my Mustang mare from Ridgecrest holding facility to compete in the SoCal TIP challenge. This Mustang will be available for reassignment. Watch this page as the pick up date and later competition date approaches for updates on the Mustang.

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2019 TIP Challenge mare from Pine Nuts HMA

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Cleopatra (Cleo)

Cleo was my 2020 LA Extreme Mustang Makeover random draw mare from Devil's Garden HMA

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