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Training Options

Competition training (Dressage only) and competing
Problem solivng
Baby/Young horse handling and training
Off track Thoroughbred retraining
mustang taming

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Restarting/Off Track Thoroughbred

Some horses need to be restarted, like off track Thoroughbreds, (OTTBs), horses that have had a long time off, or ones that have holes or other issues within their training or missing pieces in their training.
Training is full time only, (5-6 days a week), $1000/month (board not included)

2 month minimum

*Note that some OTTBs may require rehabilitation when coming off the track. Rehab and then training can be arranged. Message for more info.

English or Western

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Have a horse that needs just a tune-up, or some leg up work. I can help with that.
Partial training (3x a week): 650/month two month minium
Full training (5x a week): 925/month
No minimum.
English or Western

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Problem Solving "problem" horses

Problem horses encompass a wide variety of issues, from rearing to bucking, from pulling/sitting back when tied to bolting and spooking and refusing to trailer load and much more
There are a variety of reasons why horses may or may not do certain things. The notion that misbehavior or disrespect is often incorrectly attributed as the cause of many if not all of these issues, but that is an unfair assumption and often leads to the horse suffering more.
Understanding horse behavior and psychology is the stepping stone for helping a horse work through their anxiety, fear, and other "issues" about one or more things.
$950/m- 3 month minimum

2-week evaluation to determine training time-frame.
No travel training for "problem" solving.

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