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Bec and their trusty mare Legacy's Desert Storm, (Las Vegas TIP 2021), went to a couple of Dressage shows in 2022 and Legacy has shown herself to be quite the excellent show horse and shows quite the aptitude for Dressage.

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Past Events

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2021 Triple Crown Show Down TIP

Bec and Double Shot Competed in the SoCal TIP challenge in Valley Center, Ca May 1-2 2021- the first leg of the Triple Crown Showdown.

Bec and Legacy competed in the Las Vegas TIP challenge, (2021), the 2nd leg of the triple crown show down.

The 3rd leg of the TCSD took place in Arizona Dec of 2021 however Bec and their horse were unable to make it as Loki, (a 4yr old DG gelding), just wasn't the kind of mustang to be domesticated.

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