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Mustang training

Personal, TIP training, TIP challenges, EMM, and more

Mustangs have been a huge passion of mine for years. I grew up in the wide open spaces of Nevada and had many bands a wild horses that lived around and nearby cities as well. While I did train my first Mustang when I was 12, (Mare and foal and only to barely halter broke for the mare, farther with the foal),  I would go a different direction for while before truly taking on the challenge of taming a living legend.
2019 I applied and was approved to compete in the Las Vegas TIP challenge. I certainly did challenge myself too as I chose a 10 year old mare form the Pine Nuts HMA, (an area close to where I grew up). Lyra, as I named her, would push me beyond what I thought I was capable of and while we did not win I was proud that in about 100 days I was able to take a 10 year old freshly off the range Mustang and make it to competition with her and even get her lightly started under saddle.
After the TIP challenge I decided to up the ante of challenges and apply to compete in an Extreme Mustang Makeover. I was accepted as a California EMM competitor. Originally to begin, (Mustang pickup), at the end of April 2020, Covid-19 caused the event to be postponed. Eventually the competition was switched to a Virtual show to be held at the end of October 2020, (pickup moving to mid July).
This is where I was randomly assigned a lovely bay mare from the Devils Garden HMA. At 5 years old she was already a lot different from Lyra, but despite that difference, as with any horse Mustang or otherwise, there was still challenges to work through and goals to meet. We placed 12th in the competition and she did amazing.

Competed in 2 out of 3 Mustang competitions in 2019. Legacy, (check her out under lease options), I kept and is coming along great in Dressage.

Mustangs: Welcome


Interested in a Mustang from holding but not sure about the taming process? I can help, once you've adopted your mustang and have arranged pick up, (I can pick up upon request for additional charge), The Mustang then can be dropped off at Sheridan Creek EC and I will take the time to work with and tame the Mustang from accepting the first touches to haltering, leading, tying, picking up all 4 feet, and trailer loading.

Taming/handling fee for wild or feral horses: $1200/mo

*Board is not included and is done separately through SCEC

Mustangs: Text

Past, Present, and Future Mustangs and events

Cleopatra, 2020 EMM Mare

Cleopatra was my 2020 Extreme Mustang Makeover random draw mare. My first ever EMM compeition and we placed 12th overall. She was auctioned after the competition and is now in her new home in San Jose, California.

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Lyra, 2019 TIP challenge Mare

Lyra was my first "straight outta the wild" Mustang, (not including the two I worked with when I was 12), she was 10 years old from Pine Nuts HMA.
She is now doing great in her new home, in Parumph, Nevada being worked and ridden by a young boy alongside his mom.

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Upcoming events/Mustangs

Upcoming events are 3 TIP challenges in 2021. San Diego, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Gilbert, Arizona. San Diego has completed! Up next is Las Vegas!

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