Level 1 Jr Apprenticeship

The Level 1 Jr Apprenticeship is for all Jr Apprentices that have not done a previous program and is a prerequisite for later programs. Jr apprentices will learn a variety about working horses including the different types of ground work, teaching horses to relax when tied, the ins and outs of starting a horse under saddle, (note: Apprentice Students will not ride a freshly started horse but will learn how to go about first putting a saddle on), and much more.
The summer program is a minimum 4 week program, (can sign up for more time), that can be started anytime between the end of May and the beginning of August.

Fall /Spring/Winter programs are also available and are on Weekends, (Sat-Sun). A minimum of 8 weekends, but more can be done.

At the end of 4 weeks, (or 8 weekends), the student will receive a certificate of completion and the availability to move on to the next level if they so wish. Available to anyone aged 13 and up.
*Prerequisites apply


Level 2 Jr apprenticeship

Level 2 builds on the knowledge of level 1 and students are paired with a horse during the time of program. Students will learn more about training, care, and management of horsemanship and horse ownership. Students may be shown foal handling during this time as well if any foals have been born. Students will be introduced to handling and taming wild horses. Other topics include but are not limited to trailering, trailer loading and safety.
Summer program is a 6-8 week program
Fall/Winter/Spring program are 12-16 weekends. (Sat-Sun)

Students must be 13 or older

**Prerequisites apply


Level 3 Jr apprenticeship

Level 3 builds and increases on the knowledge taught in the previous 2 programs. Level 3 also gives the student a project horse of their own to work with. Students will learn about putting the first rides on a horse as well as many other advanced aspects. Spring through Fall terms will involve the breeding process if students are interested.

Program length to partial completion is 6 months or equivalent time, (arrangements can be made to work around the Students' schedule)
Program length for full completion is 1 year or equivalent time, (arrangements can be made to work around the students' schedule).

Students MUST be 18 years or older for this program.

***Prerequisites apply.

****Students may bring in own project horse for additional fee (boarding fee which is done separately through the facility)


Pricing and additional information

Level 1 Program: $600: Minimum 4 days a week, any days of the week, (for Fall/Spring/Winter programs ONLY Saturdays and Sundays). Students may choose which days and can do all days. Minimum 4 hours per day anytime between 7:00am-5:30pm.

(Lunch break is included)

Level 2 Program

6 weeks: $750

8 weeks: $825

Minimum 4 days a week, any 4 days of the week, (for Fall/Spring/Winter programs ONLY Saturdays and Sundays).
Students can do more than 4 days.

Minimum 4 hours per day between 7:00am-5:30pm

(Lunch break is included)

Level 3 Program: Contact for pricing

5 or more days a week preferred but arrangements can be made to work around students' schedule, same with the hours. Contact for more information.

*Prior horse handling and riding experience required. Must be able to halter, lead, and tie a horse minimum. Must be comfortable riding at a walk, trot and canter, (trot=jog, canter=lope), experience can be in Western, English or other styles

**Level 2 requires level 1 completion or equivalent experience working horses

*** Level 3 requires Level 1 and 2 completion or equivalent experience.