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Have a Date like no other

Ultimate date experience around or even on the backs of horses

Looking for that "something different" type of date for you an your significant other? Whether you have been together for ages or just starting your journey as a couple what better what to do something unique and personal than to have a Equine Date Experience.
With options form just being on the ground with the horses, to riding across fields, the dates are customizable for each couple.
Experiences are private with the only people being involved are those on the date, and your guide.

Riding dates are available for double dates with a max of 4 people riding at any one time.

Riding Lessons
Equine Date Experience: Feature

Date Experience Options


Come hangout with horses for an hour. You can brush, leading, and in general just hang out with the horses for 60 minutes.
-No person limit


Come learn about handling horses on the ground, form haltering and leading to brushing and grazing, spend up to 3 hours with horses and enjoying their presence and peacefulness.
-no person limit


Come ride a horse for an hour around the facility property. Enjoy scenic views of Jobs Peak and the Sierra Nevada mountains.
-May add on 1 extra hour to include a riding lesson to better understand how to ride/control your horse
-Limit 4 people max


Come and learn about horses, the facility and how to ride with a lesson and ranch ride. Totaling 3.5 hours of time, this is the experience best for those that really enjoy learning about horses as much as they enjoy riding.
-Max 4 people
-Customizable add-ons possible for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, and more. Additional charges may apply

Equine Date Experience: List

Payments and Cancellation Policy

Reservations are required for all services. Click the link below to learn more about our reservation, payment, and cancellation policies.

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