The Pivo is a great item to record your riding sessions! Using your smartphone with the compatible app, you attach your phone to the PivoPod (tm) and set your camera up to record and it will track you and your horse's movements. Now you can get all your sessions recorded even if you do not have someone there to help you out.
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Raze energy

Raze Energy by Repp Sports is a fantastic energy drink supplement that does not have all of the sugar or harmful chemicals that most energy drinks have. The flavors are fantastic, and it works really well. Raze gives a good clear energy that does not have the mid-day crash or the "energy" jitters that makes it hard to focus. Follow the link below and/or use the coupon code "Wildenergy" (omit the ""). Using the code will give you a small discount as well as giving me a small commission.
*The code works for all Repp Sport products not just Raze Energy*