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I grew up in the countryside of Nevada, surrounded by mountains with a variety of bands of wild horses. I remember vividly being able to see wild horses wondering by just by looking out any window.
Growing up I knew I wanted to do something with animals and in particular with horses, however I did not know exactly what until I go my first horse, which was a rescue horse. Working with my horse, bringing him back to health and learning how to get him back into riding condition was a wonderful experience and that is when I decided I was going to work with horses.

I originally started out by teaching myself everything I could about horses and horsemanship. I taught myself how to lunge a horse and how to teach a horse to lunge as well as many other things on the ground and riding including jumping, pretend barrel racing, and more.

When I was a teen my family moved to Oklahoma for about a year and I started working at a barn as a working student helping with rehabilitating and retraining off the track Thoroughbreds. I loved the work and fell in love with Thoroughbreds alongside other breeds. After moving back to Nevada I became a working Student at a facility in Gardnerville for a little while where I learned about show jumping and received more in-depth training about my form and working on my confidence. After graduating with my associates I ventured out to doing some simple training for people around my home town. In 2015 I started at Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center as a groom and ranch ride guide and later becoming an instructor as well. After a few years of getting lessons there as well as working I started taking vaulting lessons and some jumping lessons again and doing some local schooling shows. Throughout all of this I was still working on my training ability and got an OTTB filly in 2017 to work with and started helping a friend and others with their Mustangs. In 2018 I moved from being an employee and became Harmony Horsemanship.

In 2019 I took the leap and signed up for a TIP training competition and received my first straight from the wild Mustang- a 10 year old mare. In the fall/winter of 2019 I applied for the 2020 California Extreme Mustang Makeover. When Covid struck around the beginning of 2020 the makeover was postponed and then eventually turned into a virtual event. My 2020 random draw mustang was a beautiful solid bay mare-5 years old. We came in 12th over all but I was happy with how far we had gotten in 100 days.
Now I am still working with projects, rescues and mustangs with my next TIP challenge coming in the early spring of 2021.




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